Engineering Application coursework

An A4 size written report of 2500 words maximum, plus diagrams and pictures, outlining the design and production of a spaceframe chassis for a Radio Controlled model car/motorcycle of your choice. The final design needs to be produced using a simple range of hand tools and should thus be a bench based activity. Simple machine drilling techniques may be used to produce any required holes and bores in the design.

Your report should discuss initial concepts for your chassis; then, using design tools to help justify your decision, you should choose a final concept which you will develop into a clear defined product.

You should cover the following points in your report:

  1. Materials (10%)
  2. Simple loads and structural integrity (10%)
  3. Joining (10%)
  4. Manufacturing / production (10%)
  5. Establishing and maintaining key dimensions (10%)
  6. Simple engineering drawings of your design (10%)


Within your work, you should also produce a simple poster, size A4, to promote the marketing of your chosen design and show the USP’s (unique selling points) (20%)


General presentation and layout of report (20%)

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