The assignment discusses Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Besides, there is also an analysis of Company Information Management. So, assess implementation strategies and activities.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – Company Information Management analysis

Description. Firstly, please find the file “The ERP Case – Guardian Lock” it is including the information about the company to write the report about it. I added many references that will help and I added the lecres slides. Secondly, please write an analysis and description of the company (all information available at the file ). Please mention the number of employee. Also, the different department In facth, the main task is : Recommend a short list of three ERP products for the case organization. Further, identify one as the most suited product, based on relevance to business functions and process capabilities of the product and fit with the organization. (please write about SAP , Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics) Task Details/Description:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – Company Information Management analysis

The assignment is an individual coursework. In the provided case description, assess the business and organization’s functional processes and their impact in this report, in line with the topic you have chosen from the above list. Detail You are acting as business consultant for the organization. Besides, your report will be approached as recommendations for the organization. You need to reflect on the role an ERP system can play to help them improve their business objectives for the topic you choose. Briefly describe the case organization, it’s objectives or business gaps and discusses with relevance to the topic you have chosen from the above list. Module Learning Outcomes Assessed: Firstly, critique ERP in the context of business functions and executive decision making to operate with relevant information in a business environment.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – Company Information Management analysis

Secondly, examine ERP products and their business functional support in business environments. Thirdly, assess implementation strategies and activities for an organization in deploying ERP systems. Also, systematic evaluation of theory and experience. Additionally, reasoned argument and judgement • acknowledgement of sources • clarity and accuracy of writing style The distribution of marks will be as follows:  • Analyse core functions in the company • Use the mappings to identify potential business improvements • Investigate the functional capability of ERP systems or plan an implementation stragey in line with the question chosen Essential Reading for Coursework Task Please refer teaching resources on the VLE in addition to the following: Cliffe, Sarah. “ERP implementation.” Harvard Business Review 77.1 (1999): 16-17. Maas, Jan-Bert, Paul C. Van Fenema, and Joseph Soeters. “Post-implementation ERP usage: A longitudinal study of the impact of control and empowerment.”

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – Company Information Management analysis

Information Systems Management 35.4 (2018): 330-347. Ali, M. and Miller, L., 2017. ERP system implementation in large enterprises–a systematic literature review. Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 30(4), pp.666-692. Laukkanen, S., Sarpola, S. and Hallikainen, P., 2007. Enterprise size matters: objectives and constraints of ERP adoption. Journal of enterprise information management. Assessment Criteria Marking is carried out in accordance with the guidelines given in the student handbook, in particular focusing on • understanding of the literature, concepts and analysis

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