Environmental History 

• Course deals with the changes in the environment during/because of human history 

• Not just history, not just environment 

• Human history is complex, environment is complex, subject is complex 

• Difficulties of connection people to environment over time 

• People and environment in different scholarly silos, need to connect

• The big picture of humanity at the moment is of globally-scaled environmental crisis 

• Environmental history is one way of talking about how we got here 

• And probably involved in moving forward

 • Sustainably or unsustainably 

• Environmental history a huge topic, more of an approach to history, environment

Potential Questions 

• We face globally-scaled environmental crisis. What is the point of looking at environmental history? 

• What is Environmental History? 

• What way of looking at the environment does environmental history offer?

• We are probably not interested in specific readings 

• We are interested in overall understanding 

• Some case-study/example material would be useful, can come from wherever

Writing Technique 

• Key issue in essay design is to figure out the strategy for writing the essay 

• What is(are) the real issue(s) in the essay 

• Purpose of the introduction is to set up the key questions/issues the essay will address 

• Rest of the essay executes the plan