Question 1

Which of the following is NOT A FEATURE of Active Listening?

  1. Shows empathy with the speaker
  2. Demonstrates judgemental behaviour
  3. Concentrates on the issue not the person
  4. Helps build rapport

Question 2

Which of the following comments about paraphrasing are correct? (note: there are multiple correct responses)

  1. Paraphrasing is repeating back what you have heard using different terms
  2. It helps you adjust your body language to suit the clients mood
  3. Confirms to the speaker that you have understood their message
  4. Paraphrasing is just one part of rapport-building process
  5. Paraphrasing means that you should raise you voice in response to a complainant raising their voice

Question 3

Which 2 of the following questions are closed questions?

  1. In which area would you prefer to find a property?
  2. When do you need to move in by?
  3. Would you consider a main road property?
  4. Will you buy this property?
  5. Why is a level block important to you?

Question 4

Why is it important to handle complaints and concerns quickly? (there are multiple correct answers)

  1. They are an opportunity to improve agency services
  2. To ensure that the complaint can be heard in the tribunal
  3. It will help you generate loyalty and goodwill
  4. Because the legislation says you have to have complaints procedures
  5. This does not apply to you as your customers and clients never complain

Question 5

Which of the following indicators will help you build rapport with your customers?

  1. Maintaining good eye contact with them
  2. Interrupting them when they are speaking
  3. Being aware of your personal presentation and body language
  4. Demonstrating empathy
  5. Of the above, [a], [c] and [d]
  6. Of the above, [b], and [d]

Question 6

What are the number of penalty units applied for failure to disclose material fact

  1. 25 penalty units
  2. 250 penalty units
  3. 50 penalty units
  4. 200 penalty units

Question 7

Which of the following is NOT a feature of ethical behaviour?

  1. Honesty and professional integrity
  2. Confidentiality and the use of personal data
  3. Divulging personal information
  4. Privacy and compliance with privacy legislation

Question 8

“Rapport building” is the process of:

  1. Making the client / customer feel at ease and comfortable
  2. Promoting trust and confidence
  3. Adding value to a relationship
  4. All the above

Question 9

Once a client profile has been developed…

  1. It can be used over a long term basis to plan client service strategy
  2. It should be reviewed regularly to ensure that is accurately reflects the market and any demographic changes
  3. The agency knows what its client expectations are so does not need to carry out surveys or questionnaires to determine client satisfaction levels
  4. It can be used by the agency to develop a ‘one size fits all’ approach to client service

Question 10

Which of the following are ways to build relationships with potential clients in your local area?

  1. Involvement in business networks
  2. Sponsoring local sports teams
  3. Involvement in community service organizations
  4. None of the above
  5. [a], [b] and [c]


Question 11

Behaviours creating barriers to effective client communication and relationship building may include (circle all the correct answers):

  1. Recognising cultural differences
  2. Stereotyping
  3. Talking over the top of client / customer
  4. Checking that client has understood your message
  5. Accurate note taking and recording of client requirements
  6. Poor listening skills
  7. Talking too fast


Question 12

Agency involved community events are solely about promoting yourself as an agent.

(true or false)

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