Business graduates will develop and demonstrate a personal philosophy that integrates Christian principles with ethical business conduct.

1.    Prepare a summary of a recent ethics scandal.  Your summary should explain the scandal, parties involved and discuss the conditions that gave rise to unethical business strategies and behavior.  Your summary should be based on readings and information from, a minimum of, four to five credible sources.  Your summary should make clear that you have a strong, working knowledge of the scandal.  (2 – 3 pages)
2.    Provide an overview of the costs resulting from the company’s business ethics failure using cost categories as discussed in Chapter 9 of the Thompson text.  Explain your response. (1 – 2 pages)
3.    Drawing from ideas and information throughout your university coursework, as well as personal experience, identify and discuss three values that you believe most important for you, personally, to be able to demonstrate ethical behavior in the business world.  Fully explain your answer. (1 – 2 pages)