This assignment focuses on Ethical climate within an organization. There is also a description of leadership and its importance to an organization,

Ethical climate within an organization : leadership and its importance

“The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of leadership and its importance to an organization. In addition, transformational leadership will be discussed, as well as the potential benefits of this theory within an organization.”

“The purpose of this paper is to explore the importance of an ethical climate within an organization. Also,  the biases that impact moral decision making.  Additionally, an ethical issue will be examined, as well a discussion on how the issue could have been avoided by establishing a solid ethical climate.”  

Ethical climate within an organization : leadership and its importance

*If you are ever wondering what components to put in your purpose statement, take a look at what is needed for the analysis section.

*Please note: In some courses your professor may ask for a thesis statement.So, a thesis statement i written differently from a purpose statement.  Please  sure to understand that not every paper you write in graduate school will require a purpose statement, it will depend on how the professor would like you to approach the assignment.   


The body of the paper i comprised of the analyzation and presentation of materials that support your purpose statement.  Paragraphs must e well-developed and discuss each component necessary for the assignment. Additionally, it  not enough to just “tell” the reader your perspective, you must “show” the reader why you believe your perspective is relevant. So, this is done by incorporating scholarly resources, as well as specific examples to help validate your perspective.

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