Ethical Issues in I/O Psychology and HRM

The I/O psychology practitioner needs to understand ethical concerns; be familiar with the APA code of ethics and other codes of ethics by which he or she is bound (depending on his or her professional memberships); and consider the organization’s own ethics guidelines. Ethical issues that are inherent in human resource systems should be identified, and I/O practitioners should develop protocols to mitigate these transgressions.


View the case study presented in Ethical Challenge: Scenario 5 (linked in the Resources), which details the ethical quandary faced by I/O psychologists. Then discuss the following:


What sources should be consulted to provide ethical guidance in this situation?

Analyze the advice given to you by your MacDonald Pfeiffer colleague in the case study. What psychology theory, research, or model might you use for guidance?

Describe a course of action that would uphold your ethical, legal, and contractual obligations. How you would use ethical decision making to resolve any conflict between them, should one arise? For example, it is possible some practices that are acceptable in the business world might not be in compliance with the APA code of ethics?