1. Review one of the Northouse case studies (15.1, 15.2, or 15.3) and answer one of the questions at the end of the case study. In your initial post, discuss how leadership ethics and this case could apply to your role as an APRN leader.

Case Study 15.1: Choosing a Research Assistant
Case Study 15.2: Reexamining a Proposal
Case Study 15.3: Ship Shape
2. Write a post as a response to one of the questions asked at the end of the case study you review. Please make sure to make connections from the theory to your practice as an APRN leader.
Your post should:
be a minimum of 300 words.
provide thoughtful insights (reflect critical thinking).
include at least two supporting references, properly cited in your text and in a reference list.
state your position and provide a rationale.
pose one question for further discussion.
Please review two of your peers posts and provide feedback. Your feedback should be at least 100 words providing quality input based on at least one supporting reference or workplace experience. 
Post a minimum of 300 words reflecting thoughtful insight. (35 POINTS)
Position is stated, rationale is provided, and opinions of others are sought out by posing at least one critical thinking question to enable further discussions. (15 POINTS)
Replies to two other posts with at least 100 words each, providing quality input based or at least one supporting reference or workplace experience. (35 POINTS)
Utilizes proper netiquette including language, spelling, and grammar. Uses correct 7th edition APA format when including references with posts. (15 points)