This paper provides an opportunity to retrieve, analyze, and evaluate real-world errors in healthcare.  In response to these adverse events, the student assumes the perspective of an institution’s risk manager by analyzing causal and contributing factors and proposing mitigating factors as safety tenets for adoption by the institution. Students will apply critical thinking, problem-solving, writing skills, and quality and safety principles in healthcare.

Instructions: Compose a five to six-page paper with the following sections:

  • Find three legal cases that involve negligence in the healthcare setting. Based on the details of what went wrong in these cases, develop a prevention plan to mitigate risk.  
    • Be sure to include a definition of negligence in the introduction (cite this).
    • Write at least one page of content for each case:
      • Include at least three preventive measures for each case.
      • Describe one of the ethical principles that were violated.
      • Describe one of the regulations or standards of practice that was violated.
      • How could the injuries or negative outcomes in these cases be prevented? What actions do you recommend for health care professionals or health care organizations? If you were the director of a facility what new policies/administrative actions would you implement to mitigate this risk.
    • Provide reasoning for your recommendations.
    • Provide at least 4 citations, including the textbook.