• You must read the British Psychological Society Code of Ethics and Conduct – you will find it on the resource list for Week 8
  • Consider the three scenarios we discussed in the workshop in Week 8
  • Choose one of the scenarios to analyse in depth
  • Consider your chosen scenario in relation to the principles outlined in the BPS Code of Ethics and Conduct

Outline of what to include for this task in the portfolio 

300 word reasoned ethical judgement on one scenario (your choice)

  • Title and references (not counted in word count)
    • Please use one of the scenarios from the workshop 
    • Identify ethical issues arising in the scenario – draw on BPS Code
    • Explain how these relate to the principles of ethics and conduct in the BPS guide
    • Construct a reasoned argument on how the person(s) in the scenario should act in line with ethical guidelines. There may be alternative courses of action at different points in the scenario, make sure you consider all of them.
    • Referring to virtue ethics, deontology or teleology (see lecture), explain your reasoning