Describe your one on one career coaching virtual meeting – time, date, duration.  Use thick description ( detailed accounting of your virtual talk) a movie and getting a lot of detailed description).  What were the topics or areas you discussed?  Why was this relevant or connected to the career you want to pursue?  What new information did you acquire from completing this one on one coaching that broadened or deepened your knowledge about the career you want to explore or consider?


III.  Create a power point /   presentation  ( 10 points) 

In this presentation :

  1. Summarize your findings in I – Career Exploration & II – Virtual Fieldwork Option
  2. Reflection portion :

Discuss what is exciting about this profession.  How does it reflect what you are passionate and most interested in pursuing?

What is your current degree program?  After doing this mini-career exploration assignment,  have how do you feel about the current degree program? Are you going to continue your plans?  Are you changing and what program do you now want to pursue?