This assignment focuses on European artists reaction to modernization. There is also a description of post-WWI art a reaction to war.

European artists reaction to modernization : post-WWI art a reaction to war

Art & architecture


Topic: Art Analysis


Paper details:

Responses to each question should be a minimum of about 500 words and contain complete examples (title, artist, date) as well as a description or explanation to illustrate your point. Secondly, address the socio-historical context-what are the events that lead to this time period, style, or artist’s interpretation? Thirdly,how do the visual elements of style play into the the philosophy of the artist or style?Fourthly, do not use the same image or artist twice, and in your comparisons, think carefully about choosing a related pair–2 landscapes from different periods, or works done in the same country, in the same style, etc. 1. How do European artists react differently to modernization?

European artists reaction to modernization : post-WWI art a reaction to war

Additionally, choose one male and one female artist from 1900-1920. Then,  discuss how they respond differently to modernity (industrialization and new industrial materials, urbanization and urban entertainment, isolation, alienation) in terms of subject, style, and theme. Besides, do they like the city or escape from it? Are they positive, negative, or possibly ambivalent views? How are they alike and how are they different? 10 points. 2. How is post-WWI art a reaction to war? Compare two European artists from different Post WWI styles (German Expressionists, Surrealists, Dadaists, Constructivists, Bauhaus or abstract artists) and also discuss how they respond to “the Great War.” How does each respond differently (think about subject, style, and even medium)? How are they similar? (10 points).

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