This assignment focuses on Euroscepticism and right-wing parties in the Netherlands. So, explain the specific role theory or concepts play in your research (see readingsToshkov).

Euroscepticism and right-wing parties in the Netherlands


 Firstly, As the title of the course already indicates, the final examination consists of a research design. Secondly, Your research design is graded with an ‘excellent’, ‘pass’ or a ‘fail’.


So, The topic is Euroscepticism and right-wing parties in the Netherlands


The assessment criteria are as follows:

Therefore, Submit a 1,000-1,250 word (not more, not less),. So,  research design that contains the following items:


1. Research question

Firstly, explain how the wider research problem evolves into a workable research


Secondly, explain the relevance of the research question. Also, in relation to the existing academic


Euroscepticism and right-wing parties in the Netherlands

Thirdly, Reflect on the type of research question (see readings Toshkov) you have selected. 

2. Theories and/or concepts

So,  identify what theory(-ies) or concept(s) you have chosen to analyze your research


Then, Reflect upon why these theories or concepts are also  relevant for answering your

research question.

Euroscepticism and right-wing parties in the Netherlands

c. Additionally, explain the specific role theory or concepts play in your research. So, (see readings


Then, BA European Studies Course EUS2511 / Period 3



3. Operationalization

a. Describe how your theoretical or conceptual framework can be operationalized

into concrete components.


4. Additional requirements

Firstly,the research design is well written.

Secondly,  The research design follows APA. Therefore,  [See the writing guide on Student Portal]

Thirdly, the research design contains a list of relevant academic literature . As well as potentially,

other relevant sources for this research project. So, (this does not count towards the

word limit)


 Toshkov, D. (2016). Research Design in Political Science. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Chapter 2 – Types of research and research questions, pp. 23-55

Chapter 3 – Theory in the research process, pp. 56-82

Chapter 4 – Concepts and operationalization, pp. 83-106


Gustafsson, K. and Hagström, L. (2018). So, What is the Point? Teaching Graduate Students How to

Construct Political Science Research Puzzles, European Political Science, 17, 634-648


Weaver-Hightower, M. (2018). How to Write Qualitative Research. Abingdon: Routledge.

Chapter 8 – Writing about theory and literature, pp. 152-179


Luker, K. (2008). Salsa Dancing into the Social Sciences: Research in an Age of Info-Glut. Also, Cambridge (Massachusetts): Harvard University Press. Besides, Section ‘Operationalization’ in chapter 6 – On Sampling, Operationalization, and Generalization, pp. 113-124.

Detailed Instructions


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