Assignment 2: Evaluate Your Learning Skills and

PACE 100 6399 Professional and Career Exploration for Transfer

Students (2228)

In Module 2 we focused on learning, how we are constantly

learning new things, how it is beneficial to have a growth

mindset approach to learning, and how it is helpful to reflect on

our strategies as a learner. As you reflect on these strategies,

think about how you previously learned a new skill, subject, or

process in an informal setting. When we often think of learning,

we focus on formal settings–your high school classroom, an

online class you took, military training, or a bootcamp for a

certification exam. Informal learning experiences can teach us

quite a bit, though. What strategies and approaches did you use

in your informal learning experience? How can you

apply those to learning new concepts and skills while you’re a

student at University of Maryland Global Campus? Even if the

university environment is new to you, you come to learning with

skills, strengths, and strategies you can draw from to connect

new knowledge to what you already know.

For example, think about how you learned to cook a new dish by

following a recipe. Perhaps you first blocked out time to read the

recipe all the way through, noting the ingredients and tools

you would need to make the dish. When it came time to make

the dish, you might have followed the recipe step by step, then

asked your partner or a friend to taste it and share his or

her opinion. Based on that feedback, you adjusted and

customized the recipe. After that, you practiced making the dish

several times, adding your own flavors and spices to perfect the

recipe to your liking. Once you became familiar with the recipe,

you may have progressed to making the dish from memory.

As a university student, you can apply this same learning

process and strategy to your academics. Let’s look at the

correlation between the two. When you are learning a new

concept or skill in one of your courses, first, set aside time in

your schedule to learn. Next, read about the topic and take

notes to deepen your understanding. Practice what you learned,

maybe by using flashcards or completing a set of exercises.

Next, share what you learned with others, such as your

instructor or classmates, to get their feedback on your work

and to enhance your learning from their input. Finally, practice a

few more times until you can readily transfer what you learned

to different contexts.

For this assignment, take some time to reflect on the following


1. Consider a learning experience – either recent or further back –

that was successful for you. Thinking back to the experience

that you went through, what were you able to learn?

2. What specific strategies, skills, and/or support systems did you

either use or rely on that actively helped you succeed in your

learning? Consider two to three strategies that helped.

3. How would you work to actively apply those same strategies,

skills, and/or support systems to your classwork at University of

Maryland Global Campus?