The assignment describes Global Health Care Strategies. Besides, there is a description of Evaluating Performance Management Systems. So, explain the concept of “performance management”.

Global Health Care Strategies – Evaluating Performance Management Systems


Firstly, paper must be APA version 7.
Secondly, must have introduction & conclusion. Each section must have subtitles. Also, organization & Interviewee are not to be identified in paper please use pseudonyms.

Additional info to help. Additionally, briefly describe the professional you interviewed, including title (MSN, RN), years of experience( <1yr Director of clinical services, 2 years clinical operations manager), and his/her healthcare organization(Mckesson Pharmaceutical Solutions & Services) (Specialty is Infusion nursing, have 117 sites across the US, corporate location is Texas) (e.g., size, location, special services).

Besides the attached resources you can rely on any resources necessary to complete assignment.

Global Health Care Strategies – Evaluating Performance Management Systems

Note: You will begin this Assignment in Week 5 and it will be due by Day 7 of Week 7. Plan your time accordingly.

Depending on your experience in healthcare, and other fields as well, you may be familiar with a performance management system or primarily with one aspect of assessing performance, the annual performance review. As a critical distinction from the annual review, performance management goes beyond a list of skills to rate or expected behaviors to check off, to a larger consideration of goals to reach and specific improvement strategies to implement.

Gaining understanding and perspective on a nurse executive’s role in performance management is the purpose of this Module 3 Assignment. To help inform your thinking and both the opportunities and challenges of performance management, you will gain firsthand information through an interview with a nursing professional whose responsibilities include those you will assume as a nurse executive.

Global Health Care Strategies – Evaluating Performance Management Systems

Briefly describe the professional you interviewed, including title, years of experience, and his/her healthcare organization (e.g., size, location, special services). Note: Be mindful of your interviewee’s privacy in the details you provide.

Explain the concept of “performance management” that guided your interview and the interviewee’s responses.

Evaluate the healthcare organization’s performance management system for effectiveness, drawing on the interviewee’s assessment and your own observations and conclusions.

Describe characteristics and/or factors that stand out to you as contributing to the system’s strengths and weaknesses.

Describe actions, strategies, or approaches that you would recommend to address weaknesses in the system.

Detailed Instructions


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