Evaluation of a campaign: Can behaviour be changed through publicity and media campaigns?

Evaluation of a campaign
Topic: Can behaviour be changed through publicity and media campaigns?

That’s a tough question! if we put all cigarettes into plain packaging, will it stop people smoking? will people stop speeding because of MAC campaigns? Do advertisements change the public’s opinion on issues such as live export or immigration?


*How can the government, organisations or groups of people influence change?
– How can organisations use ‘people power’ to enact change?
– Look at how the Same Sex Marriage laws were passed in Australia/the world

*Who decides what is good or bad for us?
– Should we be allowed to choose what we want to do, what we eat and drink and if we smoke?

*How useful is the mass media in achieving the outcomes of big public campaigns?
– Look at campaigns from the past such as ‘Life be in it’ and ‘Let girls Learn’ explore what they were designed to achieve and what they actually achieved?
– What current campaigns are running? ‘Making poverty History’ and ‘Speak out against Domestic Violence’ are examples of current campaigns. How is the media being used to present this to us? What are the campaigns hoping to achieve?

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