Evaluation Process – Human Performance Technology

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your attainment of the course objectives presented in the beginning of the semester. This is not a research paper. You should be able to complete this assignment using the information presented throughout the semester. Refer to your textbook, provided readings and resources, my lecture content and your discussions and graded assignment. Treat each question as an individual, short essay type question. Do not include an abstract in your final document or attempt to link your responses to one another. Do not use direct quotes in your responses. You are of course expected to cite sources and include references where appropriate but the actual written response should be in YOUR words, demonstrating YOUR understanding of the content rather than your ability to quote others. Please review the instructions below carefully and let me know if you have any questions. Thank you. 1. Develop your document a. Create an APA formatted title page b. Insert the following APA formatted headings starting on page two of your document i. Define Evaluation and its role in the HPT process ii. Evaluation types iii. Evaluation process steps iv. Evaluation models v. `Evaluation plans and reports 2. Provide individual responses, one to two pages in length each, to each item listed below, under their individual headings created above. Each response should be concise while still providing enough depth to fully demonstrate your knowledge. a. Define Evaluation and its role in the HPT process i. Provide a comprehensive definition of evaluation and discuss its role in the HPT process. ii. Clearly communicate the difference between evaluation and analysis and the roles each plays in the overall HPT process. iii. Include in your response information about how, when and why evaluation should be conducted, who should be involved and what value it adds to the HPT process. b. Evaluation types i. Discuss formative, summative and confirmative evaluation ii. Include in your response the purpose, timing, primary stakeholders and data collection strategies aligned with each and the value they add to the HPT process. c. Evaluation process steps i. Provide a comprehensive review of the key steps in the evaluation process. ii. Your response should expand on, not simply reiterate the information provided in the flowchart and lectures I have shared with you throughout the semester. d. Evaluation models i. Define evaluation models and discuss their role in the evaluation process. ii. Include in your response a discussion of at least two different types of models and the interventions and evaluation types to which they are best and least suited. e. Evaluation plans and reports i. Explain the purpose, format, key components and audiences for evaluation plans AND reports. ii. Include in your response an explanation as to how these documents differ. 3. Submit a. Save your work as an MS Word document and submit it to the drop box by 11:59pm CT according to the following guidelines. i. The assignment must be double spaced and include a title page. ii. The paper should not include an abstract. iii. The assignment must include headings as explained above. iv. The assignment must be professionally written and free of spelling and Grading Criteria: grammatical errors. v. Responses must be concise, demonstrating understanding without exceeding stated guidelines regarding length.

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