Examine and assess a piece of published evaluation research in the area of criminal justice policy or practice.

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• Identify a piece of evaluation research in criminal justice policy or practice. You may select any example of evaluation research, but a few suggestions have been made, on Blackboard, for illustration. • Use your knowledge about the various elements of evaluation research to consider the nature and content of the example you have chosen. • Assess the reasons for the design and methods employed, the study’s strengths and weaknesses, the adequacy of the findings and the potential application to policy and/or practice


Criminal justice policy evaluation focuses on the analysis, the interpretation, as well as the communication of the crime-reduction programs strategies, during set up. Moreover, it defines the reasons for functioning the way they do in a particular scenario. The evaluation process encourages and ensures continuous improvement of the criminal justice policies through identification of needs and gaps, designing of a program, implementation of the program, monitoring the program as well as evaluation of the highlighted policy…

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