SECTION 2: To complete the questions in this section, download the Employment Projections and the Education, Job Openings, and Unemployment in Metropolitan America documents in the Week 4 resources. 

Examine the employment statistical data that show the more education you have the less unemployment occurs:


Which of the following scenarios makes the greatest difference in your yearly income and reducing your likelihood of being unemployed: 1) Going from an associate’s degree to a bachelor’s degree or 2) Going from a bachelor’s degree to a master’s degree? Explain your answer.

In what ways do these two studies support the adage “A rising tide lifts all boats” when it comes to education and unemployment? 

Just as the axiom that states, “old is 15 years older than you are,” being rich is a relative term. If you were a 20-year-old without a high school diploma, what academic path might you take to triple your weekly income? Where would be a good place to live once you complete your education?  Explain your answers.

Using Table 1 on page 8 of Education, Job Openings, and Unemployment in Metropolitan America and the Employment Projections chart, predict a salary of a person who is a “Supervisor of Sales Workers.” Based on the level of education for the group, is it more or less likely for a supervisor of sales workers to be unemployed compared with a “Health Diagnosing and Treating Practitioner”?

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