The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to examine the risks within the seven information technology (IT) domains and what law would be applicable for the scenario. This also reinforces the CIA triad of protecting information data for personnel and the organization.
You are a security consultant hired by the Waldorf Medical Hospital to provide a security assessment report on the hospital’s seven IT domains. Your report should include the following.
1. Provide a description of which regulatory law must be followed to remain compliant.
2. Explain how the CIA triad affects the patient’s personal information and the hospital access of information.
3. Describe the risks and mitigations that could be encountered with each of the seven IT domains.

Use the following format for your report:
• Title page
• Regulatory Law Description
• Effects of CIA Triad
• Patient Information
• Hospital Information Access
• Risks from the Seven IT Domains
• User Domain
• Workstation Domain
• LAN Domain
• LAN-to-WAN Domain
• WAN Domain
• System/Application Domain
• Remote Access Domain
• References
Your assignment must be at least two pages in length. You must use at least three sources for your assignment. Your assignment, including in-text citations and references, must be in APA style.

A unit study guide has been uploaded as well as a PowerPoint overview of chapters 1 and 3. Login details for the textbook are provided below.

Textbook: Managing Risk in Information Systems
Chapters 1 and 3

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