Experience in a Counseling Growth Group.

At least 10 full pages of body (does not include the Title, Abstract and Reference page) that describe your experience in a counseling growth group and will include:(1) a discussion of the open communication process (use of listening, self-disclosure, feedback, etc.) in creating an atmosphere conductive to the development of group trust and cohesiveness; (2) the progress of your group through the specific development stages, (3) a discussion of the various curative factors existing within the group, (4) the various roles played by yourself and other group members, (5) and the leadership style exhibited by the small group facilitators. In essence, please provide an analytical overview and description of your group’s development with emphasis on and reference to the various theories, practices, and processes. Please give specific and concrete examples from the counseling group experience to support and substantiate your statements.

Quick Response

My experience in a counselling growth group was characterized by encouraging open communication as a strategy to trigger the desire to work towards letting go and overcoming fear and other forces that drag growth. The counselling group encouraged feedback, especially where participants were encouraged to present their thoughts on experiences presented in the group(Proctor, 2000). The group explored development stages that prompted basic virtues including love and competency. Therefore, discussions about Intimacy vs. Isolation and Industry vs. Inferiority were focused significantly. The leadership illustrated by our group facilitator includes Laissez-faire leadership style. This approach is known for giving people the freedom to reach as well as implementing their own decisions….

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