Chapter 9 covers monitoring and measuring results, Hillestad and Berkowitz said, “the marketing plan is not complete until the entity has a firm understanding regarding how the plan will be monitored,” that’s will make up this week’s discussions. Please respond to the following questions.

1. Explain how an organization could evaluate among alternative plans to see what plan(s) might be approved. What criteria would be used? When posting your answer, please use your marketing plan and use Figures 9.2 and 9.3, the other chapter topics and your independent research to explain your answer?

2. Discuss a situation where sales can be large while margins might be low; provide details that explain your points? Under what circumstances might this exist; provide a detailed example; use Table 9.2 to construct and support your discussion? An example to get you thinking: a drug store might have high sales numbers and low margins; and eye shop, would usually have low total sales but higher margins.

Attached are a Marketing Measurement Cheat Sheet and PPT summary opinion on ROI. The learning objectives of the chapter include developing your ability to explain the financial and analytical skills required to approve and monitor your marketing plan results; to provide details about the role of marketing when the marketing plan is combined as a strategy with the corporate business plan; and to outline the specific evaluation guidelines are required before developing and implementing a marketing plan. Your marketing plan should include a summary of the strategy used to construct your metrics and measure the effectiveness of your strategy.

3. Using the attached cheat sheet, and PPT, your marketing plan and external research to construct and develop the marketing metrics and follow up strategy for your company plan. Make sure your measurable goals are specific when stating the measurable goals of your marketing strategy? The cheat sheet includes 5 questions to help guide your metric measurements as covered by the text on page 283-291?

Note: think of this section as “teach back” wherein you and your colleagues plan the final strategy for your marketing plan and write its conclusion.

My marketing plan is attached in two parts

Hillestad SG, Berkowitz EN. Health Care Market Strategy: From Planning to Action 5th ed. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning; 2021. Students can either buy the book or ebook, or rent the book.. The book will not be available through the Boxer Library.

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