Third Normal Form (3NF) assessment / action if needed 10%

Copy the 3NF definition from the text (include quotes and page number)

Assess the 2NF table(s) in the previous section and if necessary, make the changes needed to conform to the 3NF definition. Document the resulting 3NF table(s) using relational schema notation or spreadsheet format.

Explain how each table meets the 3NF definition (use field names)


 Use the 3NF tables in your design, to create an new MS Access database, load the sample data provided,

Name your database Last Name_TermProject (i.e. Smith_TermProject). (5%)



Create a Query, that provides the results for the following request: List each PilotID, FirstName, LastName, the Airline each pilot works for, sorted by pilot. (5%)



 Create a Form: New Pilot Input (5%)