Question 2(b)

The CEO approves the project schedule and cost you did in Question 2(a). Make the changes

to MS Project file. Set the Status Date (Project -> Status Date) as three days after the Start

Date. Save the updated MS Project as Baseline Plan (Project -> Save Baseline -> check Entire

project), which will be used to evaluate the project performance from here onwards.

Joachim arrived onsite to support the project. During the Site Preparation (Activity 8), he found

that some cameras’ views were blocked by building structures which were not shown on the

blueprints given to him in the design stage. He decides to revise the camera locations.

The Contractor is informed of the changes. He provides feedback that many new locations are

difficult to be accessed, resulting in additional works for Activity 12 “Install VAR cameras”.

He is not able to increase manpower nor get his team to work beyond 8 hours per day. However,

they are willing to work on additional days including weekends and public holidays. You have

intense bargains with him to reach the following terms:

• Additional days required for Activity 12 is four (4) days.

• The special cost rates are: $2,000 per Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday; and $,1000

per weekday.

(i) Examine the problem encountered in the project schedule due to the change in camera

locations. Explain how you solve the problem, e.g., by deciding which days to do the additional

works to minimise the impact. Evaluate the additional cost for Activity 12.

(8 marks)

(ii) Furthermore, due to the change in the camera locations, Nancy needs to implement more

test procedures for Activity 13 “Tune VAR System”. There is additional cost of $3,000.

However, she agrees to keep the duration unchanged.

The CEO approves all the changes.

You practise Change Control Management to handle disruptions in project. Appraise any three

(3) important accomplishments related to the change in camera locations with action(s) you

trigger all affected parties to take and the outcome(s) in each accomplishment.

(9 marks)

(27 mark