1What are the aims and objectives of the project?*

The dissertation aims at uncovering the effects of different risk factors to professional football. The information alongside their knowledge can then be applied in designing perfect conditions for professional football to thrive, which can then result in maximum economic tapping of human talent in playing football. 

Research Objectives 

–           To understand various risks facing professional football

–           To establish how risks individually affect professional football?

–           To understand how the risks affect professional football


2Explain your research design*


there shall be the use of quantitative research design, for secondary data. In such a case, there shall be the exploration of various risk factors to professional football, as they have occurred from the year 2012 to 2020


3Outline the principal methods you will use*


Secondary method of data collection will be used since the information required are from the past matches.


4External Research Instrument

Are you proposing to use a validated scale or published research method / tool?



Note: If you are designing your own scale or data collection tool, please select No. If you are using a combination of novel and external research intruments please select Yes

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