Explain the difference between a varied and balanced diet.


1. You’ve been feeling run down and tired lately. Your mom says, “You’re tired because you haven’t been taking your vitamins!” Explain whether she’s right or not.

2. Complete the USDA’s “how many calories do I need” and assess your own diet compared to what you should be eating. Identify areas that need improvement and areas in which you’re doing well

3. Explain the difference between a varied and balanced diet. Explain whether or not your diet is varied and/or balanced.

4. Is it “bad” to eat at night? Why or why not?

5. Sara is a typical college student who’s busy and on the go. She’s moderately active but doesn’t work out regularly. Here’s what she might eat on any given day:
Breakfast: 1 chocolate donut, 20oz of orange juice
Snack: 1 bag Doritos
Lunch: 1 Cup O’ Noodles
Snack: Medium-sized Apple
Dinner: Big mac, small fries, 16oz coke
Snack: apple pie leftover from McDonald’s meal
How many calories this person consumed? You must show your work. Make healthy recommendations for this student that would fit their busy lifestyle.

6. Click on “The Flavorists” and then click “watch the segment.” When scientists find something they like, they extract its flavor molecules from nature. Then back in the lab, they mimic Mother Nature’s molecules with chemicals. After watching the entire segment, explain how this process might contribute to overweight and obesity. Also, explain YOUR view on this.