[10 points] What type of process—project, job shop, flow shop, and continuous flow—would most

likely be used to produce the following? Explain your reasoning describing why your selection is

the best fit compared to other processes in one or two sentences.

a. Wedding

b. Smart watch

c. Sugar

d. 2-inch screws

e. Limited edition furniture

2. [10 points] Give an example each for a customer-routed and provider-routed services that you

have encountered. Explain the difference between them. Suggest one improvement for each type

of service.

3. [10 points] Think a process that you do regularly as a student. For example, preparing for an exam,

completing an assignment, applying for financial aid, etc. Draw a simple flowchart for the process.

Identify the tasks, decisions, delays, and feedback loops in the process. (You may use SmartArt in

MS Word or similar software tools. If you use paper to draw the flowchart, please scan the paper

and insert it into the document with answers. Please see Assignment Resources in Content.

Individually uploaded images will NOT be graded.)

MGMT 3106: Management Science and Operations Management

4. [10 points] At an airport, 700 passengers per hour pass through the TSA security screening station.

A TSA agent needs 1.5 minute per passenger, on average, to perform the security scan. There are

20 TSA agents on duty during any given shift.

a. What is the agent (labor) utilization of the TSA agents? (You need to use utilization

formula to calculate the utilization).

b. From the passenger and TSA management’s perspective, do you think the number of TSA

agents is sufficient? Why or why not? Explain with respect to the utilization in (a)

5. [10 points] A telephone call center receives 250 calls per hour on average. Each customer service

representative (CSR) needs, on average, 10 minutes per telephone call to serve a customer. The

target utilization of CSRs is 80%. How many CSRs are required to handle the call volume? (Use

utilization formula to calculate the number of servers).