Care and caring are key to early childhood education and yet love can be viewed as a

taboo word within early childhood settings. This book guides practitioners through the

potentially problematic area of loving the children they care for. It shows where a loving

pedagogy can fit within professional practice and how this can enrich experiences for

children and educators.

The book explores how educators can support their children by holding them in

mind, valuing them and promoting their best interests. Focusing on how relationships,

attachment and connections underpin our settings and practice, the chapters cover:

■ the fundamentals of professional love

■ appropriate touch in practice

■ the dierent ways in which children feel loved

■ the rights of the child

■ empowering children through love

■ working with parents and carers.

Including case studies and questions for reflection, this is vital reading for practitioners

wanting to develop a nurturing and loving pedagogy that places the child at the centre

of their practice.