Performance management systems are critical to individual and organizational success. Consider the scenario below and share your responses to the four questions asked.


Onboarding programs must set the stage for successful employee performance. You understand the importance of linking organizational and individual goals.

You are the Sales Director for Hammad’s Auto Detailing Shop, specializing in custom automobile detailing services for business fleet automobiles. Recently, you offered the position of Customer Sales Associate to Osama. He is reporting to work next week for onboarding. Based upon the information provided, answer the following questions:

1. In your own words, explain how you will use the onboarding process to connect Osama’s individual goals to the organization’s overall strategy.
2. Explain the implications associated with not linking Osama’s individual goals to the overall organizational strategy.
3. Address components you believe an effective onboarding program should include, as well as exclude.
4. How will an effective on-boarding program ensure Osama understands expectations of his role, as well as ensure that Osama is set up for performance success at Hammad’s Auto Detailing Shop?

Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories (require supporting citations) in your initial response along with at least one scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article. Use the academic writing standards and APA style guidelines.

Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing all sources referenced.

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