The purpose of this final examination is to provide you with an opportunity to illustrate the knowledge you have gained during the course.  In order to best do this you should:

1. make use of concepts and theories presented in the course; and

2. use examples from the case studies and/or your own experience to explain how these ideas were applied in a particular context.



Explain the purpose of strategic management, describe the processes by which it may be developed and identify likely points of failure in those processes.


Why is the establishment and maintenance of competitive position a key factor in corporate strategy?  Chose one example to explain how this was done and indicate why it succeeded or failed.


Chose one example to identify the impacts of globalization on a company’s competitive position. What strategy did the company pursue to respond to these challenges?  To what extent do you think this was successful?


Identify and provide examples of the role played by ethical considerations in the implementation of corporate strategy.  Use examples to explain the part these considerations played in the success of particular companies’ strategies.