Assessment 1

The aim of this assessment is to assist you to develop knowledge and skills in recognising the different approaches to research and the varying forms of evidence.

Course Objectives being assessed:

CO1. Explain the relationship between knowledge, research and practice.
CO2. Describe the different approaches to research methodologies
CO4. Using a research question, access academic databases to source contemporary research literature
CO6: analyse research findings relevant to a research question

Assessment details:

Assessment 1 will be in the form of a template. You will be required to complete the template as follows:

1. Read the background information and view the weblink.

2. After reading the background section, complete Questions 1-4.

3. For Question 5, read the two journal articles provided.

4. For each of the journal articles, complete the information sections in the relevant table in Question 5.

5. Complete the discussion section in Question 6.

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