Read the case a day or two early . . . to think about it.  Your assignment is not an opinion survey; it is an argument of logic and evidence supporting that opinion.  Your initial feelings are usually right but not easy to explain.


 Read the questions closely; be sure you know what is being asked.  Write a brief outline of what you want to fit into your one page.  Don’t waste your limited words repeating (instead of using) facts of the case.


. Start typing a day early so you can save your draft to edit the next day.  Use spell check carefully; it won’t correct “wrong” words.  Have re-read your draft, to see if it really says what you meant to say.  Ask what isn’t clear, and what can be left out.


. Identify the dilemma.  Explain the ethical support for alternative choices.  Contrast reasons using prepositions:  “Respect-for_____,” versus “Fairness- between_____&_____,” versus “Consequences-of______” issues.


. Explain the rights/respect issues of who ought to have which rights based on promises, expectations, autonomy and dignity, not just laws.  Consider using the phrase, “Respect for______” with our very limited sets of rights and duties: truth, promises, privacy, property, and health/body.


. Explain the fairness/justice issues in terms of treating equals the same and treating people with different of needs and earned differences, differently.  Consider using the phrase: “Fair between


. Explain the benefits/consequences in terms of who, when, size, and certainty of positive and negative consequences.  Consider long run versus short run and consider using the phrase, “Consequences of


. Choose one position and explain WHY it is MORE ethical than the alternatives, refuting your support for the other positions. 

 Where there is a dilemma, explain why ethical support for one choice is better than support for the other choices

.  Explain what about this case makes these ethical reasons more important.