Explain what constitutes a policy leadership role within the field of social work.

Explain what can happen if social workers fail to exert policy leadership, allowing others with less commitment to client well-being and less dedication to improving the human condition to shape the social welfare and human service delivery systems.

Explain how policies at all levels of a social welfare system can impact service accessibility and service delivery. Provide specific examples. Refer to Social Work Disposition #12: Standard: Social Workers’ Ethical Responsibilities to the Broader Society when responding to this prompt.

Explain why policy advocacy can be a unifying theme for the social work profession.

Describe the intersecting, multi-level roles (micro, mezzo, and macro) of a policy practitioner centered around analyzing social problems, developing policy change solutions and strategies, formulating and implementing policies and related programs, and evaluating the impact of policies and programs.

Use specific examples to illustrate how a social worker might bring about policy change at each level of social work practice.