type your topic at the top.


Explain what you’re interested in investigating and why you’re interested in it. Make sure to note what makes it social in nature and what factors or variables you think are key to it (this aspect can come from experience as well as what you’ve read on it).


Once you’ve done this, please do the following


List your variables


Your dependent variable (DV)


Your three independent variables (IVs)


Write out three hypotheses (one for each IV with the DV)


Write a few sentences summarizing each journal article you’ve located.


Each article should relate to your DV and at least one IV. The articles themselves may reference more than one of your IVs; this is fine. but look at them and think: which one is the strongest for your interest (i.e. centers more emphatically, makes a stronger case, etc.).


Include an APA formatted reference list with your three articles.


Note: the references start on their own page with the word “References” centered and bolde