Group Observation Blog Post 

Assignment Description

You will need to attend each of the following types of groups and write a separate blog post for each of the groups that you attend: 1) Task Group, 2) Treatment/Support Group, 3) Social Action Group. For each of the groups you will write a separate blog post providing a detailed description of the event and your reaction to it. You will be graded on the comprehensiveness of the post and personal insight that you provide. In addition to your blog posts you will also need to respond to 6 of your classmates blog posts.

It can be a group that you already participate in such as a staff meeting, case management team meeting, school board meeting. but you have to go into it with the questions for the assignment. Take a selfie of yourself at the meeting and upload it with the assignment. 


A DETAILED summary of their experience of each group attended

Make this up with the information provided


Sharing of their personal reactions and experiences in attending each group, with an emphasis on self-awareness, self-exploration, and self-understanding.

An analysis of the purpose of the group, group tasks, members’ roles, identity of the group,

Explain why the group “fits” the category (as explained in PART I of this assignment) of the type of group for each group attended.

The developmental stage of the group needs to be explored and discussed in detail as well as providing evidence of learned analytical skills which include “going beyond what is being said” and other practice skills learned in SWK 350/354.

Explain the criteria for a referral to each group and critique appropriateness of a referral and contra-indications for referral to each group and the rationale for a referral to the group.

 Must be an employee who works in case management at the hospital

Pay specific attention to the representation of members of the groups visited, the diversity of the groups or lack of diversity and members of populations at-risk (don’t forget persons with disabilities or special needs).

The staff meeting took place over phone call conference

How did the group facilitator interact with group members, and the quality of interaction with the group. (the positives and the negatives that were observed)

The group facilitator was the manager of the case management department. At the end, she opened up the floor for any questions or concerns. 

Discuss group members’ level of participation.

Group members actively listened and were able to address any questions or concerns they had at the end of the meeting.

Identify ALL positive & negative ethical issues observed as related to the ethical codes reviewed in Assignment A.


Address how the group managed issues of confidentiality and/or conflict?

Case Management follows HIPPA Guidelines to manage issues of confidentiality 

Please also address ANY and ALL questions about attending each group.


What was your OVERALL REACTION to the groups you attended? (Please be specific)

Make this up with the information provided

A DETAILED summary of experience:

This was a case management team meeting so make up a detailed summary of my experience at the meeting in relation to this information.

purpose of the group: To meet with Case Management employees to review the week.

group tasks:

  • Address Covid 19 protocols and safety concerns
  • Discuss goals
  • Achievements
  • Department performance report
  • Any changes that have occurred

members’ roles:

Manager of case management: Speaker

Case Managers: Attendees

identity of the group:

Task Group: Case Management Team meeting

development of group:

The group is ongoing and takes place through a conference call once weekly at 8:30 am

what stage are you at now?:

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