Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of at least two data collection methods for qualitative research.  

Be sure to Include:  

o Explanation of your experience using these different data collection methods.  

o Explanation of what is/can be difficult or challenging and why.


Explain how a researcher can ensure their choices for data collection align with their research questions.  


Must Haves:  

Introduction about data collection methods for qualitative research

A minimum of 3 in-text citations (APA Format, 7th ed)

Please be sure to address each point – Ok to use headers for each and content below.  

For example:  

Header 1:  Different Data Collection Methods and general experience using them

Chart for visual aid good here, along with content to support)  

Header 2:  Advantages & Disadvantages in using these different methods

A comparison chart and notes to support the content with explanation would be good for this

Header 3:  Explain why the use of these methods can be difficult/challenging and possible ways a              researcher can overcome this