First, complete the sentences below and post them on the discussion thread; be descriptive but brief. For some of you the sentences will not be very focused or targeted, and that is OK at this point. I want to see that you are trying to establish a research interest and narrowing down a topic, and I also want to see that you are able to define why it is that you are choosing this topic and who might be interested in it (at this point, the audience might be fuzzy, but it is important to keep in mind who will be taking in your ideas, suggestions, and recommendations).


I am writing in the topic of


Because I want to find out


In order to (understand, establish, assess, recommend)


And the potential practical application is that


Second, respond to at least two other classmates postings. You may

1) offer suggestions for specific audiences that might be interested (the goal is for the audience to be professional or academic, so a professional organization might work);

2) provide specific suggestions about some of the main arguments and counterarguments that might be relevant to the research interest; or

3) suggest possible ways to focus or narrow the scope of the research.

Write 3-5 sentences.