This assignment focuses on Extreme rainfall events in Ghana. There is also an analysis of satellite-retrieved rainfall estimates.

Extreme rainfall events in Ghana : satellite-retrieved rainfall estimates

Topic: Comparing Rainfall extremes from satellite-retrieved rainfall estimates(TAMSAT) to rain gauge measurements in Ghana.The estimation of the frequency of intense rainfall events is a crucial step for quantifying their impact on human societies and on the environment. So, this process is hindered by large gaps in ground observational networks at the global scale, such that extensive areas remain ungauged. The increasing availability of satellite‐based rainfall estimates, while providing data with unprecedented resolution and global coverage, also introduces new challenges: the scale disparity between gridded. Also,, rain‐gauge precipitation products on the one hand, and the short length of the available satellite records on the other.

Satellite-retrieved rainfall estimates

Paper details:

I have attached the structure of the dissertation. But this is what i want you to focus on

1 Background (4 pages) 2 West Africa Climate (2 pages)

3 Overview of Extreme rainfall events in Ghana( 1 page)

4 Observed Rainfall extreme( 2 page) 5 Projected Rainfall characteristics under climate change ( 1 page). Then, Data set up Rain gauge Measurements Ghana( Daily and monthly rain gauge measurements from Ghana (1983-2017)(1 page). Also,  6 TAMSAT estimate( 2 pages) Daily and monthly TAMSAT rainfall estimates 7 Validation statistics (RMSE, BIAS, R²,,MAE,POD,FAR,POFD, Frequency Bias, Accuracy)(3 pages)

Detailed Instructions


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