This assignment explores United Way Worldwide. There is also an analysis of  Exxon Mobile case study. So, the point is for you to become more globally aware by researching the company

United Way Worldwide : Exxon Mobile case study

Paper details:

DIRECTIONS: Here one option/example on how to start your case analysis. Start with Dear President Mullins (or your selected audience), you asked me to review (the case – fill in the blank) to determine whether (fill in the blank). For your introduction paragraph, go online and learn about the company. If it is a real company, write about the current status of the company as part of your introduction. Get one or more citations and references for your introduction. Then link your case to the relevant chapters in the textbook. Mention something from the book when writing your case.

United Way Worldwide : Exxon Mobile case study

The point is for you to become more globally aware by researching the company and to learn more about business strategy by using the text. Your intro and conclusion paragraphs should be substantial. Four or five sentences or more. Write back to your audience in your conclusion and use this as a platform to answer the questions and make decisions where needed. Such as: A question asks if company A should expand? Use your intro, body, and conclusion to set up your answers to your audience. -saying something like: As you can see Director Smith, based on my research, Toyota should expand into x, because of a, b, c reasons. Or: As you can see my research demonstrates that Exxon Mobile should be more or less socially responsible because x, y, z. You must mention you audiences name in your conclusion. List your References on the next page in APA format – skip lines between or double space references.

Detailed Instructions


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