Initial information provided



You are required to study the information supplied on moodle for the Clive Booth Village Student Village (CBSV) and demonstrate your understanding of the FM FM functions that will be needed and how they will be affected by the proposed designs.

There is an FM division within Estates and Campus Services (ECS) dedicated to the capital projects and maintenance of the estate.

You have been invited to collaborate with the capital projects team to ensure that the design will result in a development that helps achieve OBU’s strategic objectives including for zero carbon and on health and well-bring. You will be checking how the designs will impact on the ease and the costs for inspections, maintenance, future renewals, alterations and refurbishments over the life cycle. Your report must be assertive for influencing the design team on a range of matters in order to optimise the efficiency of delivery of FM services over the in-use phase. To get started, you can review the list of the FM functions below and modify this list to provide an outline for what input you consider will be needed from the FM team for enabling works, the demolitions, the construction phase including the commissioning and handovers and the occupancy/in-use phase. You are expected to demonstrate understanding of the link between strategic level decisions and the tactical and operational FM functions.

In preparing your arguments for asserting the FM needs with the project delivery teams you should demonstrate understanding of legislative compliance requirements.


  • Appropriate space planning and phasing of works to manage occupancy – Asset management including use of BIM and requirements for taking over the control of the golden thread of information
  • Requirements for input into the management of testing, commissioning and handover
  • Provision for monitoring of energy performance for zero carbon
  • Provision for monitoring of health and well-being indicators and use of post occupancy surveys
  • Minimising the disruption of enabling (facilitating) works on day to day management of the overall estate – e.g, where shut downs or diversions or temporary supplies are needed for water, electricity, gas, comms infrastructure etc.
  • Minimising the disruption of temporary site access routes, control of noise, dust, pollution etc. during construction activities – in order to maintain security, health and safety of people moving around the site between Marston Road and Pullens Lane.
  • The customer liaison function – including giving notices to current and nearby occupants of planned activities, managing clear signage for diverted or closed footpaths and cycling provision etc.
  • The planned scheduling of works to be carried out by building maintenance teams, electricians, mechanical services engineers and plumbers (directly employed teams and external specialists) for regular inspections and planned preventative maintenance.
  • The ease of access and ease of parts replacement for reactive repairs in response to unplanned damage / power failures / plant break downs / water ingress etc.
  • Management of grounds maintenance (roads, car parks, footpaths, landscaping including trees, fencing)
  • Refuse collections

Assessment criteria

  • Clear outline that identifies and demonstrates general understanding of the FM functions that will be required on the CBSV project over the following stages: Enabling/Demolition/Construction stages Commissioning and Handover stages In-use.
  • Argument to influence the design team approach to optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of FM functions for adding value to the core functions of the University
  • Knowledge of legislation impacting on the FM functions identified
  • Understanding the links between strategic, operational and tactical processes to be carried out by the FM teams
  • Understanding of customer communications needed

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