Fact Sheet: What is the economic impact of tourism on GDP?

Task Description:

This assessment will help decision-making and thinking skills regarding the destination of choice for all assessments in MKT01906. You are to prepare a two-page Fact Sheet which outlines important details about the destination related to international tourism. The details will provide background to support future assessments in MKT01906.

By week 3, please ensure you have approval for your location from your academic supervisor. Only one student per location for each cohort.


Identify the destination of choice for MKT01906.
Use a range of information sources (online or hard copy) to prepare a two page Fact Sheet providing: 
Number of international visitors; visitor origin; key attractions; types of tourism;
What accommodation options are available?
What is the economic impact of tourism on GDP?
What are key tourism activities at the location?
What other important destination features need to be showcased?
Once information has been gathered, prepare the Fact Sheet including relevant graphs and tables (maximum of 2 each) to present the reader with background information on international tourism at the destination.

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