2. Summarize what you see as the main thesis or research question being explored in the article (what are the authors trying to show or test overall?).

NOTE: If the article has more than one experiment/study, do the next 3 components for the first experiment/study only.

3. Summarize the methods used in the article: Major characteristics of the participants (i.e., how many, ages/ethnicity (indicate if not listed), how recruited), the independent & dependent variables (how were they operationalized), & other things of note from the methods. 

4. Summarize the results of the article. What did they find, include whether their hypotheses were supported by the results. 

5. Summarize the conclusions of the article. What implications do they have for the research question? Were they able to answer it, how or how not? Do you agree or not with the authors’ conclusions or “take-home” point?