What are your thoughts concerning the theories presented this week? What aspects of the theories resonate or make more sense to your personal style of counseling? What aspects or concepts within these theories do you think would be a challenge for you, and why?

Apply titles to each of the theories covered.

Part B:

  • Create a genogram assessment of a friend co-worker, or neighbor’s family including three generations (i.e., your friend and their siblings, their parents and parent’s siblings, and their grandparents and siblings OR your friend’s children, your friend and their siblings, and your friend’s parents and parent’s siblings.
  • The genogram is drawn by hand, photographed, and submitted as an image in your three-page summary. Include family dynamics, communication styles, mental/physical health, boundaries and family patterns and include a master key to the genogram. Birth dates, or ages, help provide context, so please provide as much detail as you can.
  • Summarize the genogram you created by describing the roles and patterns that emerge in it, using concepts from the systems theories that are discussed in this week’s Learning Resources. The summary should be in APA format and 3 pages maximum.
  • Explain how this genogram assessment may be useful in couples and family counseling of this friend.
  • Briefly explain how your understanding of your friends’ genogram assessment might impact your work as a counselor.
  • Your final document will include a title page in APA format, a genogram, a three-page summary of your genogram, and your reference page.

Support your Assignment by citing all resources in APA style, including those in the Learning Resources.

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