feature story pitch

1. Compose three pitches. In each, propose one idea for a 2000-word feature story. 2. Use the template provided3. Address each pitch to the editor of an appropriate publication. The publication does not have to be realistic in terms of your experience, but it should be a good match for the feature you are proposing. You can address all three pitches to the same editor/publication or you can select 2-3 different editors/publications. (Please choose from the publication idea list-provided)4. See week 1 notes for which subgenres to avoid for assessment. 5. details the elements you need to include, such as:What’s the story? (what’s the topic? the angle? the human story?) Why this and why now? (why is this important? why is it newsworthy? why is it suitable for their readers?) Why you? (why are you the best person to write this? this may include what you already know and what you can access) a catchy subject line If relevant: mention high quality additions you can include such as specific photos or graphics