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Film Analysis. Choose a film, which we have not screened in class and which is available for study, which you think uses a particular aspect of film form in an especially artistic or notable way. You may not write about East of Eden (1955) or Rear Window (1954). If you do not have a film in mind, you may want to look at some best film lists, such as those generated by AFI (, AMC (, or Empire ( Once you have selected your film, compose a research essay of at least 2000 words, which argues how your chosen film exploits one of the following aspects of film form to convey an overarching idea or effect: 1. Strategies of mise-en-scene: sets, props, make-up, costumes, and/or strategies of lighting, such as intensity, directionality, shading, and/or cast shadows. 2. Strategies of framing and composition: distance framing (image size), camera position, perspective relations, and/or spatial relations. 3. Strategies of editing: rhythmic editing, elliptical editing, continuity editing, and/or graphic editing 4. Strategies of camera movement: tilts, pans, tracking, craning, zooming, handheld camera work, Steadicam work, and/or long takes. 5. Strategies of sound: the juxtaposition of sound and image, sound perspective, offscreen sound, diegetic sound, nondiegetic sound, and/or internal diegetic sound.

Quick Response

The film ‘The Walking Dead’ is a necessary story in the current society. This is because it illustrates how society behaves when dealing with both personal challenges and societal challenges. The film depicts communities striving to survive after everyone else dies and turns into zombies. The survivors are seen doing what they can to survive, which attempts to explain the existence of evil in society. The film also uses make-believe costumes and effects, which influence emotions and ideologies among the audience. The camera positions vary depending on the person in charge. In most cases when Rick Grimes, the former police officer would lead the survivors and succeed, the camera position would be an upshot depicting him as a hero(Shaw, 2015).

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