The study on the role of social media in disaster response and management will conduct a comprehensive review of social media’s role in the management and response of disasters. The study will be based on specific research questions and hypotheses that revolve around the subject matter. The development of research questions and hypotheses is an essential part of the research process. The research questions articulate what will be examined throughout the study, while the hypotheses underscore the inherent premises of the study. Therefore, the study will review the research questions and prove or disapprove the hypotheses. This will help examine whether social media is instrumental in disaster response and management or not.

Research Questions

The research questions revolve around social media’s role in crisis management and response. The questions are based on Jurgens & Helsloot’s (2018) premise that social media enhances resilience during disasters by creating communication and information sharing avenues to avert uncertainty and deal with fear. The questions seek to examine social media’s role in general during disasters response and management. They also examine social media’s role specifically in facilitating information sharing and communication and dealing with uncertainty and fear.

The research questions include;

  1. What is the role of social media in disaster response and management?
  2. How does social media facilitate information sharing during disaster management and response?
  3. How do information share and communication address uncertainty and fear?
  4. What is the overall effect of social media on emergency management and response?