Final Draft-Character Analysis Essay

Before submitting this essay, read pages 47-50. This is a sample student character analysis essay.

Then, use your pre-writing notes to draft your own thesis statement.

Example: Hal consistently shows that he is caring, intelligent, and dedicated to his profession.

Your essay will consist of the following:

1. Introduction of at least 8 sentences ending with a clear thesis.

2. Three body paragraphs that consist of the following:

a. A clear topic sentence that names character and trait. (Sentence one)

b. An in-depth analysis of the character and how he/she displays that trait within the play.

c. Two quotes and/or examples from the play that add to/enrich your own analysis. This means, of course,that you will have in-text citations throughout your essay: (Auburn 1183).

d. A clear concluding sentence that connects character and trait (This will be sentence about sentence ten, eleven, or twelve).

3. A conclusion of at least six sentences that summarizes your analysis of the character.

4. Two secondary sources (from the library’s databases) that further develop your own points about the author, the work, and/or the character. These will be cited within the essay in in-text citations. (-50 if non-library sources are used, missing in-text citations and/or Works Cited page).

5. A Works Cited page with at least three sources listed: the play and two secondary sources.

6. Use both the Code and Revise sheet and the Revision Sheet for this essay posted in files.

7. Approximately 1,000 word count, MLA format.

8. Use the Code and Revise Sheet Download Code and Revise Sheetand the Revision Sheet Download Revision Sheetposted for this essay to help with revision.

9. I suggest completing a rough draft and working with the writing center to help with revision: (Links to an external site.)