Final Exam Essay

The focus of the final exam for Protection Management & Security is the applicability of the course’s materials and lessons to other classes in which you are currently or were previously enrolled. Are there specific methodologies, tools or concepts you learned this semester that will be useful in your other studies? Which of these do you think will have dividends beyond this course? What specific outcomes would you anticipate? (when writing this paper keep in mind law enforcement in the country)

Additional possible areas of exploration:

  • How the analytic methods you learned this semester might apply to the following areas:
    • Your employment – law enforcement and first responder
    • Volunteer efforts and related project management
    • General analysis in evaluating news and reporting, popular culture, and marketing or sales initiatives.

The completed final exam should be 8 pages in APA style 7, with footnotes and bibliography where warranted. The assignment is largely a subjective exercise, but students are expected to support their points of focus with course-relevant references and citations.

Required book to use as reference: I will provide other books in the attachment section

Research Methodology: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners, 5th Edition.  ISBN: 978-1526449900

A guide to innovative public-private partnerships, T.A Cellucci, Government Institutes, 2011, 1-60590-745-1, 978-1-60590-745-1

The Privatization of Police in America, J.F. Pastor, Mcfarland & Co., 2003, 0-7864-1574-8, 978-0-7864-1574-8

Homeland Security: Introduction to Principles and Practice, 3rd edition, Charles P. Nemeth, 2017 by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC,  978-1-4987-4909-1