There are three parts: 1 case brief and 2 essay questions.

Please do case brief for the case Tennessee v. Lane, 541 U.S. 509 (2004). Use the same format as for past case briefs.

In addition, please answer the following two questions, writing no more than one page single spaced for each (or two pages double spaced). This part of the assignment you can review and refer to the text of the laws and cases we studied, class materials, and discussion posts if you would like. But the most important part of this is your own words and opinions – I want to hear what you think!

1. A person with a disability is considering moving to the United States. However, they are concerned about encountering discrimination and other barriers due to their disability. They write to you for advice about what their rights would be under American disability laws. Write back to them, for no more than a page single-spaced (or two pages if double-spaced), about what the major American disability rights laws require, protect, and prohibit. [Note that I am not looking for a list of every disability rights law. I want to hear, in your own words, what you think are a few major issues a person with a disability might face, and what the law says about them. For example, you might have a problem finding an accessible home. Heres what the Fair Housing Act and the ADA say about housing…].

2. You have been asked to take over from Kim Knackstedt as President Bidens disability policy advisor. In no more than a page single-spaced (or two pages double spaced), 1) explain why the Biden administration should care about the rights of people with disabilities; and 2) identify a few major gaps in the current laws or problems people with disabilities currently face, and what the Biden Administration should do to fix them.