Final Paper Prompt – Approaches to International Relations

● Choose a case, event or phenomenon in international relations from the last 20 years. ● Formulate a question about the case, event, or phenomenon you have chosen. ● Choose one of the approaches we have studied in class to “answer” your question about the case/event/phenomenon you have chosen. ● Conduct basic research to gather evidence to back up your explanation/understanding. ● Analyze the assumptions and ethical implications of using your chosen approach to examine this case/event/phenomenon.

Quick Response

North Korea is often thought to be a threat to international peace especially due to its political stance and failure to be part of the international community through international organizations such as the United Nations. The main question, in this case, is “To what extent does North Korea pose threat to the international community?” realism is one of the suitable approaches to deal with the question. The approach recognizes that a state does what is right to meet its own interests even if at the expense of other countries. This is the case with North Korea’s Nuclear weapons testing(Kim & Cohen, 2017). The ethical implication that fits realism argues that ethical express propositions can be evaluated as true as false…

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